Temporary Nation

Piotr Wyrzykowski (PL) & Echo Ho (CN/DE) Les’ Kurbas Theatre (Les’ Kurbas str., 3) Worldwide mobile performance –Tune in! Dance on! Mix out! Piotr Wyrzykowski (PL) and Echo Ho (DE/CN) turn smartphones into sound- and light-emitting instruments, and audience members become participants in their work, moving as a group and using their phones to create provocative, collective performances. Piotr Wyrzykowski’s and Echo Ho’s project provokes a post-digital dance ritual, which emphasizes selfless collective creation, encouraging people to forget mobile screens, and re-enact the idea of connectedness by activate bodily movements and collaboration. This situation fosters otherness, as the emerging community draws on originality, distinctness and diversity of the individuals comprising it. The resulting dance-and-musical event is prosocial and educational, while the technology it employs is utopian in character. Temporary Nation is a platform for organizing group and individual performative sessions. The work draws on active participation of its audience who become its co-creators through the use of an app designed for the purposes of this performance. Once the app has been installed, particpants’ smartphones turn into light- and sound-emitting audiovisual gadgets that can be operated by their users through particular gestures or choreographies. A joint performance of un unpredictable symphony […]
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